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Note: Bayonets issued by YCLH are to be collected at the battle site immediately after event.

Bring an old washcloth or rag from home for your clean up duties.

You will need to do the following chores in order to return the gear you used in the best condition possible:

Hats: Use a whiskbroom to remove all flour or dirt from your hat inside and out. Stack your hat into the correct box.

Shirts and coats: Empty all pockets and shake out all the dust. These need not be folded.

Pistols: Wipe down with damp-not wet-cloth. Place carefully into the pistol box.

Rifles: Cut or tear off the tape, which holds the tubes in place, throw tape away. Collect all tubes in a box. Turn the gun barrel down and gently tap into a cardboard box until clean. Look down the barrel and you will see daylight if clean. If clogged, run a straightened coat hanger down the barrel. Wipe the whole item down with a damp [not wet!] cloth. Put the hammer down and stack it into a proper crate.

Belts: Wipe dust off with damp rag and place into the correct box.

Cartridge Boxes: Dump contents into trash container. Wipe off all dust inside and out with damp rag. Roll the strap around it and stack it into the appropriate box.

Flags: Furl [roll] neatly. Return to prop truck.

Rev War pants: Shake out dust and place them in the correct bag.