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3rd - 4th grade: "My Great-Great Grandfather Did Something Truly Great in the Civil War"
5th-6th grade: "The Best Story Ever: Sgt. Everheart, Hero of the Revolution"
7th -8th  grade:  "The Pig"
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Our Favorite Civil War Songs
Scotland the Brave
The Bonnie Blue Flag
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Tramp, Tramp. Tramp
Soldiers Joy
Old Joe Clark
The Year ab Jublio
Thr Girl Left Behind
Midnight on the Water
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself
The Garry Owen
Larry O'Gaff
Jenny Lind Polka
Oh! Suzannah
Camptown Races
Arkansas Traveller
Golden Slippers
The Yellow Rose of Texas
June Apple
Marching Through Georgia
You Can Live History
(2013 - 9 News) 
You Can Live History
(1993 - 9 News) 
You Can Live  History
(1999 - News 4)

You Can Live History
(1997 - Channel 7 News)

You Can Live History
(1998 - News 4) 

Movie Clips
You Can Live History Promo
You Can Live History Intro
Unsung Hero Of the Civil War
Victorian Ball
Clip #1

Victorian Ball
Clip #2 (Jenny Lind Polka)

Victorian Ball
Clip #3 (Hat Dance)

Battle of Gettysburg
Clip #1

Battle of Gettysburg
Clip #2

Battle of Bennington
Part #1

Battle of Bennington
Part #2

Battle of Shiloh (clip)

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