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Day One: A YCLH staff member arrives at school in full uniform andintroduces the program to the students. Items may be presented forthe students to examine, descriptions of a soldier’s life are shared,and details about the project are discussed. Basic drills and self-discipline skills are practiced. Students have an opportunity toask "Merit Points" and if time allows, a story of the era is told.Ideally, each group of about 100 students would get 2 to 21/2 hourseach day of training.

Officers, flag bearers and artillerists should be assigned. A list of students and teachers to be involved should be provided to the YCLH staff member. All sample and training videos should be returned at this time.

Day Two: Uniforms and equipment are usually issued this day. While half of the students are being outfitted, the others rehearse drills, watch training videos or play for merit points.

Day Three: Dress Rehearsal Day. Students practice drills and acting skills in full uniform.

Day Four: We meet with [6 to10] parent volunteers about an hour before the students appear. As early as possible, students arrive at the filming area fully uniformed and ready to go. A lot must be done in a short amount of time. Filming continues almost non-stop.

Day Five: Students clean and turn in equipment at school. Damaged and lost equipment should be noted. Video order forms are issued to students to take home, fill out and return within two weeks.