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The following is needed from teachers and school facilities:

1. Time to prepare the students. 6 to 8 hours spread out over 3 or 4 days for each group of about 100. We ask that no more than 150 are trained in one session. All training is normally done at school.

2. An entire school day to recreate and film the recreation. The more time we have to film, the better the video will be.

3. Student needs. Arrange for restroom facilities, water, and transportation to and from the battlefield, help with issuing equipment, help with recovering equipment, help with supervising the battlefield cleanup.

4. Procurement of the battlefield. All battlefield paperwork, expenses, traffic and parking arrangements and portable toilets are the responsibility of the schools involved.

5. A secure location for storage of YCLH uniforms and equipment when not in use by the students.

6. Teach the students the history of the period being studied. The more students know going in, the smoother the entire process will be.

7. Provide for a medical person to be on site. Although this activity is very safe, itís better to be prepared for an accident.

8. Provide a typed list of all student participants, volunteers, and school staff for the movie credits [also any helpful people you may wish to acknowledge] as soon as possible after the event.

9. Collect video order forms and payments for the battle video [payable to "You Can Live History!"].

10. Provide a check for YCLH services [please make payable to "You Can Live History!"] which is due on conclusion of the event.

Teachers may wish to appoint certain students for certain roles, show educational videos such as" Glory!" "Gettysburg" or "The Patriot". You may wish to teach period songs or provide drummers and fifers, make a regimental flag, make period foods, have their students write a report, etc. Teachers are encouraged to participate [no charge] and each will receive a complimentary video. Teachers may wish to attract media coverage of the event. Teacher comments, criticism, suggestions and recommendations are always welcome. We always want to improve our programs. Teachers should use their initiative and authority to solve problems of which they become aware.