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You Can Live History, Inc.



American History Education


Since 1991, You Can Live History, Inc. has made American history interesting and fun for people of all ages. So far, over 100,000 students/people have participated in these battle reenactment events. We believe American history can be fun and exciting with education that involves interactive experiential learning.

You provide the participants and location, and we provide everything else to make a safe and realistic looking battle reenactment. In addition, we produce a movie of the battle event starring YOU! Or maybe you would prefer a traditional Victorian dance with authentic live music of the era and traditional dance instruction.


To understand the world we live in today we must know our history. To live our history, learn from our history and use our history for a better tomorrow. This is the mission of YCLH.

YCLH engages today's youth in our past through historical reenactments. These reenactments give students the opportunity to experience the hardships and strains of war, while developing critical thinking skills about history and understanding how our past has shaped our present.

As time marches on, history marches with it never leaving us. May we never stop learning and understanding American history .


- Engaging Soldier Talk Presentations
- War Battle Simulations
- Revolutionary War Reenactments
- Civil War Reenactments
- Traditional Victorian Ball

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